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Armenia Tour Package


Yerevan - Departure


04 Nights / 05 Days

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Itinerary Details

Day 01

Arrival in Yerevan international airport.

Transfer to the hotel, check in.

Day 02

Yerevan city tour

During Yerevan city tour you will see all the major sights of the capital, including the Republic Square. The excursion also includes a stop in the Victory Park, at Mother Armenia monument, from where you will behold a panoramic view of the city.  During the tour we shall see the Opera house, the Cascade where you will see the statue of the world-famous sculptor Fernando Botero “The Black Cat”.  We will also drive via Baghramyan Avenue, where you will see the Parliament, the Palace of President, and the National Academy of Science.

Day 03

Tsakhkadzor - Lake Sevan – Dilijan - Sevanavank Monastery

Tsakhkadzor is the main ski resort of Armenia. Tsakhkadzor is located at an altitude of 1840 meters above sea level on the slope of Mount Tegenis. It is interesting to visit the city at any time of the year:there is amazingly clean air, picturesque nature and a modern cable car with beautiful views. Here you can wander along mountain trails, see the famous Kecharis Monastery (XI century) and several ancient churches and visit the museum of the founders of the new science of the Orbeli brothers.

Our main stop of the day will be the “blue eye of Armenia” – lake Sevan. This fresh – water lake of volcanic origin is situated at an altitude about 2000 m. We will ascend to the top part of Sevan peninsula, where the monastery of Sevan is located. This spot provides a wonderful view of the lake and if we are lucky we will witness the changing colors of the water.

Sevanavank Monastery After a walk, you can climb to the top of the peninsula to the Sevanavank Monastery, after which the lake was named. This unique structure of volcanic tuff is included in the UNESCO list. The peninsula offers a beautiful view of Sevan.

We continue our journey to the beautiful rolling valley framed by the mountains of the Lesser Caucasus – this is Dilijan – one of the best resort – towns of Armenia.

Here we will visit a museum-street, which still preserves the houses from 19th century houses. Here we will stop by a ceramics workshop and a woodcarver’s studio.

Drive to Goshavank monastery where you will see one of the finest examples of Armenian cross-stones. This monastery is also connected with the medieval Armenian fable-writer and the author of the first Armenian code of laws.

The completion of your route will be the ancient monastery complex of Haghartsin. Churches of the XI-XIII centuries, the royal tomb and the refectory have been preserved on the territory. The monastery in the mountains is a unique place in terms of energy and atmosphere.

Optional: Haghpat Monastery Complex - The Haghpat Monastery Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Armenia, is a masterpiece of medieval Armenian architecture. Nestled in a picturesque setting, it boasts intricate stone carvings and historic religious structures, offering a glimpse into the country's rich cultural heritage.

Day 04

Khor Virap - Garni village -  Symphony of Stones - Geghard village

Khor Virap, an iconic Armenian monastery, is known for its stunning location against the backdrop of Mount Ararat. Its historical significance as a place of pilgrimage and the underground pit where Saint Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned make it a captivating destination for those interested in Armenian history and culture.

Garni village, nestled in Armenia's Kotayk Province, is famed for the iconic Garni Temple, a symbol of pre-Christian Armenian history. Visitors are drawn to its breathtaking natural landscapes and the well-preserved ancient architecture that offer a glimpse into the country's rich heritage.

Symphony of Stones

Geghard village in Armenia is renowned for the Geghard Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site with remarkable cave churches and rock-cut architecture. This spiritual and historical gem is set amidst a picturesque gorge, providing a serene and captivating experience for visitors.

Optional Day: X Day, Yerevan

Echmiadzin - Yazidi Temple

This excursion takes us to one of the oldest and coziest towns of Armenia – Echmiadzin, which is the religious center of all Armenians. The main cathedral of Echmiadzin was the first official church built in Armenia. Today it is the Holy See of Echmiadzin, where the Catholicos of Armenia resides. Legend tells that it was here that Jesus Christ descended from Heaven to show where he wanted a church to be built. Echmiadzin means “The Coming of Only Begotten”. After this we will visit the archeological site of Zvartnots Cathedral, which is a masterpiece of Armenian architecture. The area is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Yazidi Temple - the biggest in the world. There are not many Yazidi Temples around the world and the most famous one is Lalish Temple, built-in 478 BC, located in Iraq.However, the largest Yazidi Temple in the world is called Quba Mere Diwane and it is located in Armenia’s Armavir region in Aknalich village.Armenia’s second-largest minority group is the Yazidis and they have been living in villages in Armenia for decades. They migrated to Armenia because of religious persecution predominately from the Ottoman Empire. During the Armenia Genocide, they flocked to villages in an attempt to retain their religion and culture.Today, there are more than 35,000 Yazidis living in the Republic of Armenia and the largest community in the world lives in Iraq (around 500,000 people).This is no exact history where the Yazidis originated but they mostly originated from Upper Mesopotamia (modern-day Syria and Iraq). Their language is called Kurmanji and they have a rich history dating back thousands of years.The first time historian Abd al-Karim al-Sam’ani mentioned Yazidis was in the 12th-century. Their faith is monotheistic and called Yazidism and they believe in one God and his seven angels who created the world.The Yazidi Temple in Armenia was constructed in 2019

Day 05

Transfer to the airport, departure.

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