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Whether you are on a family holiday or on a honeymoon, adding a cruise to your holiday greatly enhances the holiday experience. Cruising is a unique experience for all age-groups. We have some very exciting Cruise Packages that not only give you the opportunity to explore new horizons, but also the joy of experiencing the majesty of the high seas. A combination of exciting cruises and some of the world’s most exciting destinations, our cruise packages are designed with YOU in mind.
Exciting experiences and extraordinary adventures await in the dynamic ports of Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Embark on a journey with Princess and discover the mystical beauty, ancient traditions, lush tropical forests, beautiful beaches, mythological legends and tranquil retreats of these destinations. Embrace all the magic these hidden gems have to offer and you just may find enchantment that will stay with you for a lifetime.
Asia cruises combine the fascinating excitement of the Far East with a relaxing journey through the world’s most beautiful oceans. The sheer size of Asia is just as impressive as the variety of its cities and landscapes, all of which are waiting to be discovered. Metropolises like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City are bustling hubs of activity, while tropical paradises like Bali, Vietnam or Papua New Guinea relax the mind, body and soul. Meanwhile the Indian mega-city of Mumbai or Sri Lanka’s Colombo open the mind to entirely new cultures and ways of life.
Asia cruises boast a variety of routes to a spectacular list of stunning destinations to suit your tastes. Whichever Asia cruise you choose, you will fall in love with the adventure, magic and personality of the island continent! Asia is the perfect holiday destination and will leave you with enough memories to last a lifetime.
Throughout the year there is always somewhere in Asia with the perfect cruising conditions, whether you’re searching for deserted beaches or bustling cities, Asia offers it all. Explore the modern cities of Singapore and Hong Kong or watch the sunset from the sandy beaches of Bali, a cruise to Asia offers endless possibilities, with itineraries as diverse as the continent itself.
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